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On schedule

  A tight deadline means that you’ll need things done right, on time. With over 40 years of experience dealing with challenging timelines, we are able to better predict how long it’ll take for a job to get done the way you need it to be.  

Value for

  Cheap isn’t always good. You deserve a better and more accurate analysis of your land before you invest further. That’s why we deliver the best technology can offer to remove worry and ensure premium results.  

Exploring beyond

  Finding it hard to keep up with tech? Thankfully, you have us. Whether it’s 3D imaging, Aerial Drone Photography or Ground Penetrating Radars, leave the jargon to us and focus on the results you need; up to the millimetre.  

Strong client

  Without forging great relationships with our clients, we wouldn’t be where we are. We owe it to excellent teamwork to produce great results. If you need someone who’s looking out for your interests, speak to us.  

Digital land & building visualisation services

Latest projects

Staig and Smith undertake a wide variety of traditional and emerging technology projects. See our showcase examples or look further under the Projects tab.
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Ngawhatu Valley Subdivision
Bronte Downs Subdivision
Bronte Downs Subdivision
Dam Monitoring
Dam Monitoring
3d laser scanning Rocks Road
3D Laser Scanning Rocks Road
Do you have a complex or demanding project that may benefit from our highly capable team?

From low cost aerial imagery, 3D visualisation to 3D scanning we can provide innovative marketing material for your project.
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