Pump Station Design

  • Pump Station Design
Pump Station Design1

Low lying sites may present difficulties for providing gravity drainage for sewer or stormwater. Pump Stations may be required as the only practical means to provide drainage.

Pump Station Design

Sewer Pump Stations

Staig & Smith have experience with the design, approval, tender and construction arrangements for sewer pump stations as either vested assets or privately owned installations.  Each design must address the catchment size, lift, distance to gravity or effluent bed disposal.  Package plants or specific design are options to be investigated.

Stormwater Pump Stations

Low lying sites may require stormwater pumping to augment gravity flows or to lift stormwater to a gravity outlet.  Design requirements are similar to sewer pump stations with standby and duty pumps, adequate access for maintenance equipment, alarms and the like.
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