Shading Analysis

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Shading Analysis1

Shading Analysis is presented in an easily understood format, carried out for any time of day, any day of the year.

Shading Analysis

Shading Analysis

Staig & Smith calculate shading created by structures or trees and present the results in an easily understood format. Shadow modelling can be carried out for any time of day (except night time!), any day of the year.

The steps we follow are:

Topographic survey of the site including any existing structures or vegetation as required. Note that we can fix the position of ridgelines or inaccessible points using our reflectorless technology. No need to enter adjoining properties or arrange scaffolding or lifting platforms.

The ground surfaces, fences, etc. are modelled in 3D.

Proposed structures are added, again calculated as a 3D model.

A representation of shading is produced at any specified time and date.
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