Deformation Monitoring

  • Deformation Monitoring
Deformation Monitoring1

Deformation Monitoring surveys aim to detect both small and gross movements of structures. Separating out movement trends from the statistical 'noise' of observational tolerances requires a specialised understanding of the 'calculus of observations'.

 Deformation Monitoring

Deformation Monitoring

Staig & Smith have experience in a range of deformation monitoring situations including:
  • Irrigation and water supply dams
  • Slip monitoring
  • Ground deformation monitoring
  • Construction sites
  • High rise and historical buildings
  • Residential buildings


We use Leica 1200 series Robotic Total stations with an in-built 'Sets of Angles' program. Numerous sets of survey observations are completed automatically to reflective targets. Following a Least Squares analysis, the mean results are calculated and exported for further analysis.

Monitoring Results

We can supply deformation results in a range of formats including Excel Spreadsheets, plans, graphs and Iso contour plots.
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