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Subdivision has evolved into an increasingly complex undertaking generally involving resource management, engineering design, contract management and land transfer surveying. Staig & Smith offer these services in-house streamlining the progression from one phase to the next.

Land Subdivision


Staig & Smith have wide experience with the full range of subdivision - from two lot infill through to major multi-lot greenfields projects.

Our experienced consultants understand the intricacies of relevant legislation and will work closely with you to ensure each unique project is thoroughly researched and all project-specific requirements are considered. The process is always clearly communicated so you are kept aware of the project as it develops.

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Subdivision - Marking Out The Reality

Subdivision can provide significant rewards to both land owners and land developers. Such rewards will only result from market intelligence, sound planning and hard work. We help you to understand the relative level of risk and requirements for each project. By going the extra distance for our clients, Staig & Smith continue to be utilised by professional land developers from start to finish.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to assemble the most appropriate team of Professionals for each project.  Largely this can be done in-house and where specialists are required we are connected to those suitable and available for the task.  This system ensures you gain value for money from your team.  We are experienced in working with a diverse project team and can integrate seamlessly into established projects.

Our Division

The Subdivision Management Division of Staig & Smith is one of the Company’s specialist units, and has two senior Subdivision Management Consultants.

Our Subdivision Management Consultant is your partner for the project. You choose how much or how little the Subdivision Management Consultant does on your behalf but in the least case scenario they will provide guidance through the myriad of Council conditions and actual requirements of the project.

Each of our Consultants has extensive practical experience in all facets of the subdivision process, not just any one of the individual fields of Surveying, Engineering, Planning and such.

Our Services

Our Consultants will provide advice on Subdivision Concepts and design, coordinate and prepare the subdivision consent application, manage the project through the engineering design, tendering and construction phases and tie the numerous loose ends together to conclude the project. Your consultant can also guide you through managing this process yourself, if you prefer.

For questions regarding multi-lot subdivision check out our FAQ 
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