Car Park and Tennis Court Design

  •  Car Park and Tennis Court Design
 Car Park and Tennis Court Design1

Car Parks and Tennis Courts can generate relatively high volumes of run-off from hard surfacing. Staig & Smith have experience with the design and construction of car parks and tennis courts, along with dealing with stormwater run-off where downstream stormwater reticulation is inadequate or non-existent.

 Car Park and Tennis Court Design

Car Parks

Staig & Smith have experience in the design of 'conventional' car parks along with car parks incorporating any of the following features:
  • stormwater treatment,
  • detention,
  • on-site disposal,
  • amenity planting.

Due to the large impervious areas generally involved in the completed car park there may be challenges presented in dealing with the accelerated rate of stormwater runoff, particularly where downstream stormwater systems are undersized or non-existent. 

Although seemingly straight forward, the design process should address all site constraints as opportunities may exist to integrate design elements.  For example subgrade improvement through the use of imported material capable of detaining stormwater in combination with providing a sub-base for the pavement layer.  The design may require calculation of percolation rates for disposal of stormwater to ground, subject to suitable ground conditions and other factors, so a combination of detention and percolation may be adopted.

Staig & Smith have developed car park designs which incorporate elements of detention and disposal to ground through raingardens which in addition to solving the problem of an undersized, or inadequate downstream stormwater system also allows the treatment of stormwater to remove contaminants before the runoff is returned to the environment.

Structural design of the car park is carried out using proven methods of testing subgrade strength and likely design loadings.  We have experience with a variety of design solutions appropriate to the Nelson region and Local Authority requirements.

Tennis Courts

Tennis court design must comply with standard dimensions and generally present a demand for a lightly loaded pavement design.  Orientation to the sun and fencing requirements are other considerations. 

Although generally of smaller scale than a car park, tennis courts can also present the same issues of dealing with accelerated runoff and may require stormwater disposal solutions similar to those of a car park.

Staig & Smith can assist with site investigation, consents, earthworks requirements, design, tender, set out, lighting and construction arrangements.
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