Resource Management

Resource Management is now an integral part of any planning or development project.  Staig & Smith offer you a comprehensive range of services to ensure that specific information for resource consents, applications or any aspect of Resource Management compliance is provided in a thorough and professional manner.

Our Division

Staig & Smith’s Resource Management Division is one of the company’s specialist units, with two senior Resource Management Consultants who are available for projects throughout New Zealand.

Our experience includes residential, industrial, commercial and tourist developments, landfill sites, integrated settlement planning, quarrying and forestry, rural industry, coastal permits & port development, marine farming, subdivision, roading, rural development,
mining and hydro development.

We contribute not only to the quality and efficiency of consent and construction processes, but advise on a large range of stand-alone resource management and planning consents and policy issues.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to assist clients in realising their property potential and project aspiration by using the latest best practice innovation solutions, by promoting sustainable resource management practice, encouraging client ownership of projects, providing timely and cost effective delivery of services, and minimising risk to clients.

Our Services

We offer an extensive range of services, including the following:
  • District and regional planning advice in respect of individual properties
  • Asset management and development feasibility options
  • Preparation of Resource Consent applications and private plan changes to allow for specific proposals
  • Preparation of submissions for Resource Consent applications, District & Regional Plans, and other planning documents
  • Presentation of expert evidence before Councils and the Environment Court
  • Environmental impact, and social assessments
  • Consultation with Local Authorities and affected parties
  • Project Management for larger projects with varying specialist input
  • Consultancy for Local Authorities, including policy and rule formulation for District and Regional Plans and attainment of Resource Consents for Council owned ventures
  •  Monitoring Resource Management issues affecting Company or Crown Agency Interests
For questions regarding subdivision consents check out our FAQ 
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