3D Laser Scanning

  3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning of Rocks Road

Following the heavy rain events in late 2011 which caused the partial closure of Rocks Road, Staig & Smith were commissioned to carry out Laser Scanning of the cliff face.

This was achieved from a series of scanning positions established at low tide from which scans were taken and later stitched into a seamless 400m long scan.

Vehicle movements between the scanner and cliff face could be filtered out of the final scan which was then overlaid over a digital photograph.

Cross-sections of the cliff were able to be generated from the scan for stability analysis by others.
  3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning of ex Nelson Library/Maritime School

Staig & Smith have scanned the Hardy Street frontage of the former Nelson Library building providing a historic record of the facade.

Fine grain detail can be obtained from the scan which would enable recreation of decorative elements through creating moulds by CNC machining.

The scan process can provide for creating of 3D record of a building at correct scale with sufficient detail to replicate damaged elements or simply as a historic record of buildings which may not be economic to maintain or repair.
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