Following the September 2010 earthquake Staig & Smith have become involved in the survey of damaged buildings in Christchurch to assess verticality and floor mis-levelment.

We have recently opened an office in Christchurch in response to the increasing demand for surveying, land development engineering design, building surveys and resource management as Christchurch recovers.

The recovery effort requires a wide range of inputs for the repair of damaged buildings and infrastructure along with the development of new subdivisions to meet the demand for replacement housing.  Our team can provide the following services in-house, as an integrated package:


Staig & Smith, Montreal Street office, scheduled for completion in October 2015.
  • Land Transfer surveys for subdivision​20150529 092220
  • Boundary redefinition
  • Boundary adjustment
  • General topographic surveys
  • As-built surveys and plans
  • Ground deformation and monitoring surveys
  • 3D laser scanning (cliff faces and historic facades and general building deformation survey)

Building Surveys

  • Building demolition monitoring
  • Verticality and floor level surveys
  • Building set out (commercial, industrial and residential)


  • Subdivision infrastructure design (roading, sewer, stormwater, water earthworks)
  • Land development engineering plans and approvals
  • Carpark design
  • Cost estimating, tender documents, contract administration and supervision
  • On-site stormwater treatment systems
  • Detention basin/flow attenuation design

CAD Services

  • Civil draughting
  • Shadow analysis
  • Development modelling/visualisation
  • 3D visualisation of subdivision for marketing
  • 3D visualisation for height restriction modelling
  • Subdivision drive-through simulation 

Resource Management

  • Subdivision and land use resource consents
  • Resource management advice
Our team are proficient users of 12d surveying and engineering design software and we use Robotic Total Stations, Digital Levels and GPS for field survey.

We have a wealth of experience in the development of infill through to multi-lot Greenfield land development projects.
Call us on 0800 807 818 to discuss your project needs.
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